The Group

Dickson Marine Co. Sdn Bhd (405887-M)

Provision of Tugs & Barges for marine related services (mooring/berthing) operating at Jetty or CBM/SBM.
Supply and delivery of industrial grade diesel/fuel oil to land and private sector as well as government agencies.
Provision of offshore support vessels.
Supply of bunker and lubricants to vessels at Port Dickson, Pasir Gudang, PTP, Melaka and Kuantan.

P.D Petroleum Sdn Bhd (1688322-T)

Incorporated on 6th February 1988, it is the main trading arm for DMC’s petroleum products among which consists of diesel, fuel oil, kerosene and petrol. These petroleum products are obtained from Petronas Dagangan Berhad, Esso (M) Berhad and Shell (M) Trading Sdn Bhd. Throughout the years PDP has established a solid track record as a reliable supplier and currently has a group of regular customers.

Alliance Project Management Sdn Bhd (470532-H)

Incorporated on 20th October 1998, APM mainly involved in Shipping Agency and Forwarding Services at Port Dickson and Melaka. The company has a proven track record for the past 10 years in ship agency, forwarding and crew change management for shipping lines calling at the Cabot CBM in Port Dickson. Apart from agency services, APM services Cabot (M) Sdn Bhd for total coordination, management and provision of tugs for all mooring, unmooring and cargo discharging. APM also supplies fresh water for vessel’s calling at Port Dickson and Melaka waters.

DMC Dagangan (North) Sdn Bhd (567651-H)

Currently operates 10 units of road tankers. These road tankers are based at DMC’s depot which is located at Lot 4770, Bukit Palong, Lukut, Port Dickson. The road tankers are specially used to carry petroleum products for our customers. The capacity of our tankers range from 10920 litres to 27400 litres. By using our own road tankers, we can assure prompt and reliable supply of fuel to our customers.

DMC Dagangan (East) Sdn Bhd (5675653-X)

Incorporated in December 2001, DMC (East) operates its own branch office, a licensed depot and tankers at Dungun, Terengganu.  The company is capable of supplying various petroleum products to East Coast customers in Kelantan, Terengganu and part of Pahang area, within 12 hours of order confirmation.